​​7” round from Hershey                         $15.00
8” Moose tracks from Hershey             $18.00
9x13” half sheet from Hershey            $32.00

In-Store made 9” round double layer  $25.00      (Pick your ice cream flavors and fillings)


9 inch pie – any flavor                            $12.00     (Pick 1 type of ice cream, crust and topping)

Pies and In-store made cakes:         

Ice Cream:                                       Toppings:

Choose 1 for Pies                              Whipped Cream

Choose 1 or 2 types for cakes             Hot Fudge

Middle (cake):                                    Carmel

Hot Fudge                   

Chocolate Cookie Crumbs                   Also offering!!!  Any picture can be transferred on a cake!  $5.00 -       Chocolate Chip cookie crumbs             $8.00 extra depending on size       


None (Cake)

Graham Cracker (Cake or Pie)

Chocolate crumb (Cake or Pie)


***We can do a Gluten free pie or cake!***

Cakes and Pies

In-store specialty cakes and pies will need 2-3 days notice